Try the "Super Munter" for lowering big loads


A variation of the munter hitch is the "super munter", which is a great knot for lowering extra heavy loads, like haul bags or two people at once. It does not have much application in day-to-day climbing, but in a heavy load rescue scenario, it's perfect.

By doing this, you gain a great deal more friction and therefore control over your rope. 

Believe it or not, this not actually kinks the rope less, as one part of the hitch puts a kink in, and the second takes it out. (Granted, kinks in your rope it will probably be the least of your concern during a rescue scenario, but it’s still a side benefit.)

Knots are always a better show than a tell, see the image below.

(Note in the image below, the brake strand ends up on the gate side, which is not optimal for a Munter hitch. If you tie it like this, be sure the brake strand does not rub against the carabiner gate.)




and here’s a video showing lowering 600 pounds with a super munter. (Starts at 2:30)