300+ Climbing and backcountry tips

See more than 300 tips for wilderness skills, navigation & planning, mountaineering, snow & rock climbing, big wall, DIY gear making, first aid, and more. Click the Get Skilled” link above to get started.

Google maps for climbers

Want to see a map of the most popular Northwest climbing routes? How about all the climbing areas near Portland? Maybe the highest 100 peaks in WA, OR, CA and CO? Click the “Stay Found” link above.

GPX tracks and KML files

Ever get "lost" on a hike or route that's been climbed thousands of times? Still using expensive and outdated maps? Not anymore! Get GPX tracks and for the most popular climbing routes in the Pacific NW. Start at the “Stay Found” link above.

Mountain Photography

Check out some inspiring mountain images from Northwest photographers. Photos rotate every 6 months or so. If you'd like to be a part of this page, please let us know.

Learn wilderness navigation

Learning map and compass from a book is often frustrating. But when it's properly demonstrated, you can easily learn these fundamental skills. The Columbia River Orienteering Club's YouTube channel has everything you need.

Climbing Tutorial videos

Learning climbing skills is a much better show than a tell. Don't waste your time rummaging through YouTube, we’ve already found the good stuff. Go here to learn from quality videos.