Popular Climbing peaks in Washington and Oregon


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Flag colors:

  • Green = "scramble" peak, minimal technical climbing skills required

  • Yellow = moderate difficulty, some technical climbing skills required (e.g., exposed 4 class rock/snow, rappelling)

  • Red = roped climbing, technical climbing skills definitely required (e.g, crevasse rescue, 5th class rock climbing, 40 degree + snow)


  • The grade is given is generally the easiest way to the top, not necessarily the most popular.

  • None of the climbing routes listed here are hiking trails. All of them require solid experience with back country travel, wilderness navigation, and comfort with exposure in steep and isolated terrain.

  • You are responsible for adequately researching and preparing for any of these routes.

  • See the links for Peakbagger and Summit post for each pin as a start to further research the routes.