Snow telemetry for winter trip planning


Snow telemetry, or “Sno-Tel”, is a system of snowpack data monitoring stations around the western USA. They offer real time snowpack data for a specific location. If you’re planning a trip in the general area at around that same elevation, you can probably expect to see about that same level of snow.

Below are some screenshots showing how you can get started.

(Note that some of the screenshots are a year or two old, and the current website might look a little different.)

If you want to see snowpack models for the whole Western USA that are made from these data, you can learn about those here.


SnoTel stations in the Western USA (from > Realtime Data)

snotel 1.jpg

A slightly faster way to find what you want is to google < Sno-tel yourstate >This should bring up a clickable map of all of the sites in your state. Click the location you want to see more details

snotel 2.jpg

Details for a specific location, after you click on the statewide map.

Choose the report or data you want to see.

snotel 3.jpg

Table of recent snow data. See snow depth and air temperature. Can show at a glance it there’s a freeze/thaw cycle.

snotel 4.jpg

and a graph. The red line shows exact snow depth at that location.

snotel 5.jpg