NOAA snow depth interactive map


Some fancy computer modeling from NOAA can show you a reasonably good estimate of on-the-ground snow depth for an specific location. This modeling is usually not accurate enough to tell you, for example, if a trail head is completely snow free or not, but it can give you an overall view for general trip planning. Your tax dollars at work!

(One cool feature here is the ability to go back in time. Want to see what the snowfall was on any past date at a given spot? Play around with the “Select Date” in the top left corner.)

As you might expect from a government website, the user interface is not the easiest to use. Hopefully these screenshots will get you started.

First off, do a Google for < NOAA snow depth map >

Or go directly here:


1 - Click “Interactive Maps” from the left side menu bar.

noaa snow depth 1.jpg

2 - Click on the map to center it to your area of interest, then use the “plus” on the slider bar on the top to zoom in.

noaa snow depth 2.jpg

3 - From the drop-down menu on the left “Select Physical Element”, choose “Snow Depth”. Then, click “Redraw Map.”

noaa snow depth 3.jpg

4 - Your map should draw with your area of interest, with a color-coded legend on the right showing snow depth predicted by the model. If you know the precise latitude longitude coordinates of where are you want to go, and you can copy paste those into the search bar at the top.

noaa snow depth 4.jpg