Make a stopper knot semi-permanent

zip tier and stopper knot.JPG

In my local climbing gym, I recently noticed this on the belay end of the just about every top rope. Pretty crafty! It’s not a tip for an everyday climbing situation, but hey, it might come in handy.

If you want to make a stopper knot semi-permanent, one way to do it is to run a zip tie through the knot and crank it down. The knot will be pretty much impossible to untie without cutting the zip tie.

  • Top roping with beginners all day and you want to be sure the rope system is “closed”, by always having a knot in the end of the rope?

  • Ropes course?

  • Zip line?

  • Tree swing?

  • Caving?

  • SAR teams?

  • Riggers?

  • Window washers?

Who else might have a need for this?