Lose the Nalgene bottle


Wide mouth Nalgene bottles are pretty much the standard for many outdoor travelers. But, they have a few downsides, mainly cost and weight. An empty Nalgene bottle is 185 grams, and a new one will set you back about $10.

A better alternative? 20 ounce Gatorade bottle. Essentially free, very sturdy, lightweight (only 36 grams), and you can recycle it without a second thought if the microbes in your bottle get especially scary.

And, as a bonus, you can do a snow rappel off of a water bottle. Really, a properly buried water bottle snow dead man can hold about 2 Kn, which should be more than enough for a safe rappel. I still think I’d let my friend go first, as long as they don't have the car keys . . .

But wait, you say I love my CamelBak!  I must drink from a hose, so I can finish my hike FASTER!

Think about it. Do you really need to “hike faster?”

Read this Tip to see 10 reasons why water bladders “suck”.

nalgene weight.JPG

185 g for the empty Nalgene bottle, ouch!

gatorade bottle weight.JPG

Just 36 grams for the empty Gatorade bottle . . . And that's before taking off the label and the extra plastic ring on top. =^)