A true story: drinking water trailside in Nepal


Two Westerners are hiking on the Annapurna circuit, a 200+ km trail in the beautiful Nepal Himalaya.

One of them has a water bladder inside his pack.

The two guys stop for a break next to some porters who are carrying loads of supplies up to higher villages.

It turns out that one of the porters speaks some English.  A conversation begins.


The porter asks, “What is that tube coming out of your pack?”

The Western guy replies, “It's for drinking water.”


The porter looks a little puzzled. He asks, “Why not  use a water bottle?”

Westerner: “Because the tube lets me drink while I’m walking.”


Porter: “Why do you want to drink when you are walking?”

Westerner: “So I don't have to stop as often.”


Porter: “Why don't you want to stop?”

Westerner: “So I can walk faster.”


Porter: “Why do you want to walk faster?”

Westerner, pausing a moment: “So . . . I can walk more farther in a day and finish my hike sooner.”

The porter pauses. He talks with a few of his friends In Nepalese and they shrug their shoulders and chuckle. The porter turns back to the westerner.

The porter says, “What do you think of Nepal?”

The westerner looks around him at the stunning mountains and back to the porter. He says, “This is really a trip of a lifetime for me. I've been dreaming of coming to Nepal for years, and it's one of the most beautiful places I could ever imagine."

The porter gives him a big smile. "I agree", he says, "it is very beautiful. That’s why there's no need to rush. You will be here probably just once in your whole life. So, my friend, take your time, drink your water slowly, have lots of breaks like the one we are having now, and enjoy your trip, these mountains and my beautiful country. Namaste.”