Learn the "V clove" anchor


Think you might find yourself needing to craft a three piece gear anchor with only a few carabiners and a double length / 120 cm sling? (OMG, I don’t have my 20 foot cordelette, how will I do this?!)

This is a Crafty Rope Trick (CRT) you’ll want to remember - the V clove anchor.

Here’s a photo of the finished product: 3 closely placed pieces of pro, one 4 foot runner, and voila, a 3 piece equalized anchor, with no cordelette.

Note that the sewn part of the sling is arranged in the “V” bit of slack between the center and left carabiners.

v clove.JPG

I'll be honest; I ‘d never heard of this technique before watching this video. Now I think it's pretty terrific. Will you use it very often? Maybe not. But for more advanced climbers, it’s a fine one to add to the toolbox.

Check out the video below for full instructions, starting at 3:00.