Use a tagline


For a long aid pitch, consider using a tagline.

This is usually a 6 mm static cord that’s 60 to 70 meters. Instead of the standard practice of trailing a haul rope, clip the tagline to your harness haul loop with a locking carabiner.

Do you need that number 5 Camalot for the huge evil offwidth crack near the top of the pitch? No worries, just call down to your belayer and have them clip it to the tagline so you can pull it up when you need it. Same goes for any additional gear you need but don’t want to carry at the start.

When you reach the anchor, use the tag line to pull up your anchor kit, hauling kit, haul rope, maybe a water bottle, snack, and a windbreaker, reducing the load you carry on lead big time.

This 65 m, 6 mm static cord from Black Diamond would be an excellent choice.