Temporary middle mark on a rope for rappels


It’s great to climb on ropes with obvious middle marks, but someday you’ll definitely be climbing without one.

When you’re in this situation, and have multiple rappels, put a temporary middle mark on your rope with a strip of tape or chalk.

It won’t last through the day, but it’s going to make setting up all your subsequent rappels faster and easier.


Some tape works fine.

Note - it's not good practice to try to permanently marked the middle of your rope with tape, because it's going to probably become a sticky mess, and maybe even move from the correct spot, which could be dangerous. Only use tape as a temporary marker.

mark rope middle with tape.JPG

Give your rope a dip . . .

mark rope middle with chalk1.JPG

and have an instant chalk middle mark to quickly set up all your rappels.

mark rope middle with chalk2.JPG