Racking your cordage - Do the Twist


A basic climbing skill is learning to rack your cordage - slings, runners, cordelettes, prusiks - quickly, in a tidy loop, and making sure they never hang below your knees, where they can trip you up.

Don’t bother with cutesy macramé projects to rack gear that you’re using it all the time. Maybe for your foot prusik for crevasse travel, because you’ll hardly ever use it, but for gear that you actually use, here’s a great way to rack:

Do the Twist!

the twist.JPG

If you take a single length / 60 cm runner, twist it a few times (the number of twists depends on how wide the runner is) and then hold the ends together, the runner will rather magically do this sort of double-helix twist around itself, resulting in a tidy, compact bundle.

It may look like a complete mess, but all you need to do to deploy is unclip it, give it a shake or two, and it should return itself to full length, ready to use.

This also works with longer slings and even a cordelette. You just need to double or triple these longer slings to get them down to about two feet long before you start.

As we'd like to say around here, this one is a better show than a tell. Here’s a quick demonstration on how to do this, from expert climber Beth Rodden. Her example starts at 1:40.

Youtube - How to rack for Trad climbing with Beth Rodden