Post climb comfort


We finished our climb and were back at the car at the trailhead after a long hike out.  We were both sweaty, thirsty, and starving.

I started rummaging in my glove box in search of last summer’s Clif bar, and reached for the lukewarm gallon of water I always kept in the trunk .

My climb partner strolled over to the small creek next to the trailhead and retrieved an icy cold adult malted beverage she stashed there 3 days back when we arrived.  After she cracked her beer, she wiped off the trail grime with a few unscented baby wipes she brought in a ziplock bag. Then, she grabbed a bag of chips and dove in, inhaling the calories and salt that are so well earned after a big climb. Finally, she changed into a fresh T-shirt, shorts and comfy sandals for the long drive home, and topped it off with a canned energy drink (also cold from the creek) to stay alert while driving.

She glanced over at me with a smirk. “So", she said, "how’s that Clif bar?”