Emergency fire starter - bicycle inner tube


A bicycle inner tube cut about 1 inch wide works great for a firestarter. It’s free, can’t soak up water, weighs nothing, packs well, and burns great for a few minutes, enough to catch damp tinder.

Only problem is that it stinks, so stay upwind. Yes, it’s toxic and nasty, but it’s for emergency purposes only, not as a regular go-to fire starter. Punctured tubes are free for the asking at any bike shop.

Wrap two “rubberbands” around a lighter so you always have your flame source and firestarter together.

Wheel style lighters don’t work when wet. One solution: Cut a small bit of plastic bag, put it over the business end of the lighter, and then secure it in place with one of your rubber bands.

If you're looking for a great fire starter for everyday use, you can read about one here.

inner tube and lighter.jpg