DIY - Replace that gaiter cord with a cable


A weak point in the design of some gaiters is the cord that runs under the sole of your boot. While some models have a beefy (and heavy) strap, some have just a nylon cord. After stomping around on rough terrain, the cord gets frayed and cut.  As it’s on the bottom of your boot, it’s hard to notice when it’s almost cut through.

Here’s an easy modification that will eliminate this hassle. Head to the hardware store, and buy 3 feet of 1/16 inch cable from the bulk spools and 4 1/16” aluminum sleeves.

With wire cutters and a bit of patience, you replace the cord with the cable. Clamp the aluminum sleeve onto one side of the wire with pliers, or smack it with a hammer. Note that this is non-adjustable, so size it to the shoes you’ll use most often with the gaiters, and measure carefully before that final smushing of the second aluminum sleeve.

Cut the cable, and repeat for your other shoe.


When you're done, it should look like this.