Airflare - An app that helps search teams find you


The AirFlare app is a unique way to use your phone to assist search and rescue teams to find you in the wilderness.

For an app that’s essentially weightless and for a very modest monthly cost, you could have additional peace of mind on your backcountry adventures. 

The technology behind it is quite sophisticated, but it’s well explained on their website if you want details.

From their website: 

“AirFlare transforms your mobile phone into a wilderness rescue beacon that provides search teams multiple ways to find you on and off grid. AirFlare adds no weight or bulk to your pack, works with limited or no cellular service, extends off-grid battery life to a week or longer and requires no user action to be searchable. Leveraging the cell phone already in your pocket, AirFlare is a low cost, easy to use, lifesaving tool you don’t need to remember to pack.”

As more search and rescue teams hopefully embrace this technology, having the app on your phone becomes more and more useful.