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I'm John Godino, a 20+ year resident of Portland Oregon and adventure seeker on mountains, whitewater rivers, and mountain bike trails.

I hail from Northern California, and along the life path I've been a US Forest Service wilderness ranger and wildland firefighter, have a Masters degree in geosciences / cartography, active in the sport of competitive orienteering, and have been a long time volunteer climb leader, navigation and mountaineering instructor.

I am not a credentialed mountain guide, just a regular guy, with average skills, a curiosity about new or overlooked techniques, and a desire to pass them on in the tradition of climbing mentorship.

This website has ZERO ads, affiliate links, paid product reviews or other fluffery.

What this site will (hopefully) help do . . .

  • Share lesser known approaches to climbing, that you won’t find in the usual instruction books

  • Ensure people are not getting lost on a hike or climbing route that has been done thousands of times

  • Make modern navigational tools and skills available to a broader audience