Trader Joe’s sunscreen stick


Putting on sunscreen when climbing can be a surprisingly tricky thing to do. Lotions are often a drag, because they can leak in your pack, make your hands greasy when you’re rock climbing or cold when you’re snow climbing.

If you're going to use lotion, here's a tip: Squeeze it on the back of your hands and apply it that way when you’re rock climbing, so the greasy stuff stays off your palms.

So, many people find sunscreen in a solid stick a better way to go. But it can be tricky finding them in a small lightweight size. No need to carry a month’s worth of sunscreen on a weekend climb.

Fortunately, Trader Joe’s to the rescue. They sell a tiny stick of solid sunblock, SPF 50, that weighs just 15 grams, and works great. Like everything at Trader Joe’s, there’s no guarantee as to how long they are going to sell this, so if you like it, buy a few and stock up. Also, they are so small I tend to lose them around the house, so I usually buy several at a time.

Highly recommended! And a deal at $5.99.

TJ sunscreen stick.JPG