How to make the "alpine quickdraw"


A good rule of thumb in climbing is to never let anything hang below your knees.  But what do you do with that "alpine quickdraw" of a single (2 foot) or double (4 foot) runner to shorten it up for racking?

A simple trick is this method, best described with a photo. This triples up the webbing material, shortening your runner to a manageable length. You can clip to gear it tripled like this, or remove two of the three strands from one carabiner to use it at full extension.

(I learned this crafty trick decades ago, and still remember my joy and fascination at seeing it for the first time. At the time I thought it was the most clever thing ever, Hopefully if this is new to you, you’ll think somewhat the same thing. :-)


1 - Start with a runner and two carabiners.

alpine quickdraw 1.JPG

2 - Pass one carabiner through the other.

alpine quickdraw 2.JPG

3 - Clip the bottom loop.

alpine quickdraw 3.jpg

Done! A short and compact draw that hangs nicely on your harness, but is easy to deploy at full length.

alpine runner 4.jpg