"Keychain" carabiners for your big wall bivy


Get a pile of cheap keychain mini carabiners for attaching things to your portaledge. This lets you clip items you need for camping directly onto your ledge or bivy, such as flashlight, shoes, beverage holder, etc. without having to scavenge your regular climbing carabiners.

NOTE - I highly recommend not using these for anything on your climbing harness, such as your chalk bag or not cleaning tool. Reason being, you never want to be remotely tempted to use these for real climbing, because someday you're going to run short of carabiners and the thought will cross your mind. These are for non-climbing or load bearing purposes only, so keep them far away from your real climbing gear so there's never going to be a mixup.

(If you want a tiny carabiner for your chalk bag or cleaning tool that looks like a paper clip but is actually rated to 23 kN, great choice is the Metolius Mini.)

If you are not big wall climbing, mini carabiners also work great for hanging a lantern or headlamp from your tent, or attaching light items to the outside of your backpack. (I probably would not use them for hanging your food to keep it away from critters; you probably want a full strength carabiner for that task.)

Start looking on Ebay. You want the 3 inch ones - smaller carabiners have cheap gates the break easily. How about a dozen carabiners for under $8 dollars with free shipping? Can't beat that. 

mini carabiners for the big wall bivy

mini carabiners for the big wall bivy